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1. goto the program Help file.
2. Drops the program to an icon on your Windows taskbar.
3. Closes the program.
4. Clicking the Get Template button in the Main Screen takes you to the Get Template Screen. Here you can select the template for your project and create your own templates.
5. Clicking on the Get Photo button from the Main Screen opens the Get Photo Screen. From this screen, you can add and organize photos to be used in FunPhotor.
6. The Fine-Tune Screen allows you to make changes to the inserted photos so that they can blend and fit in better with the template.
7. You can add text to your project. When you're finished, you can move the added text about the screen by clicking and dragging.
8. Click this button to open a new email window from your selected email program. The photo will be attached to it.
9. This button opens the standard Windows Save As dialog box so you can save your finished photo.
10. Can register this software and other in function of this button.
11. Clicking this Area show the picture of program starting.

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